FAQ for Providers

Useful questions and answers about the provider listing

If you don't find the right answer to your question here please send us a message through the contact-form or send an email to mail@surfcamp-suche.de.

How can i register as a provider?

If your are a provider of a surfcamp, surfhouse, surfshop, surf-camper rental, or a surf-bar, you can register for free with the following link:
// Register as provider

What are the advantages of the provider listing on Surfcamp-Suche.de?

As a provider, you have the advantage of having your surfcamp, your surfhouse, your surf-camper rental, your surf shop, or your surfbar displayed directly in our location-based directory on the map and in the directory lists. Each provider listing also has its own details page, which contains additional information about your surfcamp or your business. You can complete your listing with your logo, a description, prices and bonus campaigns, all contact details, and a small slideshow with 3-10 pictures.

Thats how you can reach via our "Surf Trip Planner" many potential new customers who are looking in their region, for example, a suitable surfcamp, surfhouse, or a surf-camper rental for their next surfing holiday.

The StokedSurf Portal receives high visitor access and also has additional special keyword-optimized country pages. on "surfing in europe" and "surfcamps and surfhouses in europe". This marketing effect is for you as a listed provider in our Surftrip-Planer gold worth and you will receive many new customer requests on the StokedSurf portal.

With this service we offer surfers from europe and all over the world the complete overview of all surfcamps, surfhouses, surf-camper rental, surfshops and surfbars.

What information does the provider listing contain?

Each provider can set the following information for his listing:

  • Name of the surfcamp, surfhouse, surfshop, surfbar
  • Your logo
  • Pictures of the surfcamp, surfhouse, surfbar or the surfshop
  • Even your own full-width background-image is possible (optional)
  • Your description
  • Contact details incl. email, telephone, website
  • Prices
  • Special Offers / Bonuses
  • Surfing lessons bookable?
  • suitable for beginners? Familys? Advanced surfers?
  • Your homepots
How much does the provider listing cost?

The StokedSurf Portal receives high visitor traffic from Germany and also from whole Europe and also has additional special keyword-optimized landing pages like "Surfing in Europe", "Surfcamp Search" and "Surfcamps and Surfhouses in Europe". The marketing effect for you as a listed provider in our surf trip planner is worth gold and you can receive many new customer inquiries via the StokedSurf portal. Thus, the service fee charged by us is ridiculously low compared to this valuable marketing effect.

And we want to keep the annual fee for each provider listing as low as possible, so that also the smaller providers can afford it and can keep their provider listing with us in the surftrip-planner.

Annual costs for provider listings:

  • surf camp & surf house listing = 69 € / Year (each additional listing 50€/year)
  • surf campervan rental listing = 69 € / Year
  • surf shop listing = 49 € / Year
  • surf bar or restaurant listing = 49 € / Year

The payment can be done by normal bank transfer or by Paypal. Of course you will receive a written invoice in order to post the costs as advertising costs for your company.

How do I create my provider listing?

Once you have registered a provider business-account, you can log in with your business-account data via the login button.

After the successful login with your provider business-account you will see in the upper right corner a small new settings-button (provider settings). By clicking on this button you will get to the settings page of your provider account. Here you can edit your account details, create a new listing, or edit your existing listing.

Why is my new listing not online yet?

Unfortunately some providers tried to take advantage of our confidence in advance, and after creating and activating the listing, they did not pay the small annual fee for our service. So unfortunately we had to change the system.

Just for this reason, the listing is only released (set online) after the receipt of payment. We get an automatic email notification about the receipt of payment and then we immediately release the corresponding provider listing and place it online.

I would like to edit my already EXISTING provider listing, but I am not registered yet!

In some cases it can be that we already created your provider listing for you as a provider in the system, so that also your surfcamp, accommodation, surfshop, surf-camper rental, or bar is listed in our Surftrip planner.

If you now want to edit your already existing provider listing but have not yet registered a providers business-account with us, please proceed as follows:

  1. Register a business-account as a provider using the following link: Register as a Provider

  2. Wait for some hours or max for one day until your new providers business-account is automatically linked with your already existing provider listing. You will also receive a confirmation email from us, if this is done. Now you can log in with your login data at the top right with the login button.

  3. After successful login (with your business account) you can see a little settings-button in the upper right corner of the website. Click at this settings-button to go to your personal provider-settings-page. Here you will find all your options as well as the link for editing your existing provider listing.

Please do NOT simply create a second same listing (duplicate), because it wont be released by us, if the corresponding provider with e.g. the same surfcamp already has a listing in the system.

How does the search of the surftrip-planner work?

Our online-tool "Surftrip-Planner" is made for surfers who are searching for the best surfcamp or surfhouse fitting their needs.

On the "surftrip-planner" page, users can search for providers in a specific country and also find the results according to the provider filter "surfcamp", "surfhouse", "surfshop", "surf-camper rental", "surf-bar". The Tool also provides many additional filter options like the surf-level, surf season, free wifi, yoga, airport transfer,... to simplify the users search.

All provider listings are also displayed on a large map and can be clicked directly over the various markers on the map.

Each provider listing also has its own detail page, where users can read all information about the provider and can get to the providers website for booking. This detail page is linked both from the big map and from the search result lists.

How is the list order of the provider listings done?

The order of the displayed provider listings in all the lists of the surf trip planner is created at random. This ensures that all providers are treated equal and will be shown sometimes further up and sometimes further down in the lists. Because we do NOT want a paid order as in other portals, where only the providers with paid extra option sit generally at the top of the lists and the other providers are disadvantaged. We want our users to see the whole variety of all providers.

Update interval of the listing order:

The displayed random order of the provider listings in the surf trip planner (with large map) changes with each single page view.

The displayed random order of the provider listings on the start page always updates with the automatic renewal of the website cache. The website cache is renewed automatically every 1-2 hours, and thus every time the random order of the displayed provider listings.

What language should i choose for my provider listing?

All contents of this website, as well as all provider listings are available in german and english language.

Simply write your provider listing in your language and it will be translated into the other language (e.g. english) by us one time for free.

This first translation of your description and details is free and inclusive. Any further subsequent translation can eihter be done by yourself with your business-account, or can be ordered by request and at a small aditional service charge.