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Information about the surf camp listing or surf house listing, as well as the listing for surf camper rental and surf shops.

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All information about your provider business listing on

The following providers can register a business-account and can create their own provider business listing (e.g. surf camp listing) to get listed in our unique and interactive Surftrip-Planner tool:

surf camps | surf houses | surf campervan rental | surfshops & shaper | surfbars & restaurants

The business account registration as a provider is free. Only the provider business listing costs a small annual service-fee (see the exact costs in the list below). There are no other additional costs or booking fees.

As the Stokers Surf Portal receives high user traffic and visits from Germany and from all over Europe, the marketing effect for you as a listed provider on is gold worth it and you will receive many new customer inquiries through our unique "Surftrip-Planner". Thus, the service-fee charged by us is ridiculously low compared to this valuable marketing effect.

Your advantages as a listed provider

As a listed provider, you have the advantage of having your accommodation, surf camp, surf-campervan rental, surf shop or surf bar displayed directly in our location-based directory on the map and in the directory lists.

Each provider listing also has its own detail page, where users will find more information about your surfcamp, surfhouse or business, such as: Your logo, a description, prices and bonus promotions, your own background picture and also a slideshow with 1-6 pictures that you can upload to your entry.

With our special surftrip-planner tool you reach many potential new customers, which are exactly searching for e.g. a suitable surf camp, a surf house, or looking for a surf shop or a chilled surfer bar on their tour.

Be part of as a listed provider and use our targetgroup-oriented and cost-effective marketing service also for your business.

  • High marketing effect for your business
  • More inquiries and bookings from new customers
  • NO additional booking fees!
  • Your own provider detail page, with infos, prices, photos, your logo and even your own background-image
  • Change and edit your details, information and photos at any time with your own business account
  • Valuable do-follow backlink from your provider detail page on to your own website or booking-site
  • Good Google rankings for important keyword combinations (all ranked # 1-5 on the first google page)
  • Take advantage of our high user traffic from real surfers
  • Active Facebook and Instagram marketing
  • Target-group oriented and seo optimized content and landingpages
  • Very low costs in comparison to other marketing services like google adwords, other surf holiday agencies, or surfcamp recommendation websites

Annual service fee / the costs

We will charge a small annual service-fee for each business provider listing. You can see the annual costs in the list below.

Nevertheless, we want to keep the annual service-fee for the provider business listing as low as possible, so that the smaller providers can also afford it.

The following annual costs will be charged as a service-fee for each provider business listing.

Annual costs for each provider listing:

  • surf camp & surf house listing = 65 € / year
    (each additional surf camp listing costs 50€/year)
  • surf campervan rental listing = 65 € / year
  • surf shop listing = 45 € / year
  • surf bar or restaurant listing = 45 € / year

The payment can be done by regular bank transfer, by paypal, or by credit card (with paypal). Of course you will receive a written invoice from us in order to post the costs as advertising costs for your company.

Register as business provider now and start today!

Register your business account now and you can start immediatly with creating your listing.

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If you have any questions about your provider business-account and the creation of your provider business listing, you will find some useful questions and answers on the faq site for providers.