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cleaning dirty surfboard

How do you clean a surfboard properly?

How to Clean Your Surfboard from Wax Residue and Dirt: Our Step-by-Step Guide A clean surfboard is not only more aesthetically pleasing but also performs better. Wax residue and dirt can affect your board's performance, leading to a poorer surfing experience. This guide will show you how to thoroughly clean your surfboard from wax residue and dirt, keeping it in top condition. Why is...

surf camps in Portugal

Surf camps in Portugal - the big guide

Here you will find our large overview of surf camps in Portugal and about learning to surf in Portugal. For many people, surfing in Portugal is pure freedom. The country also scores with its serenity, friendly people, interesting cultural buildings, good weather and of course the most important thing for surfers, the good waves. // Find the best surf camps und surf houses! Why choose a surf...

shaping eco surfboards

Eco surfboards and sustainability in surf industry

Why environmentally friendly eco surfboards and sustainability? Fortunately, eco surfboards are enjoying increasing popularity. By opting for an eco-friendly surfboard, you are doing our environment good and you can surf with a clear conscience! Eco-friendliness and sustainability are two different issues, but they should go hand in hand. "Eco" is once every surfboard, which is made of...

surf camps on Bali and Lombok

Surfing and surf camps on Bali and Lombok

Here you will find a lot of useful information about surf camps on Bali and surf camps on Lombok, one of the beautiful neighboring islands of Bali. Surfing on Bali is an absolute dream for many surfers and rightly so. What makes surfing on Bali and Lombok so unique? Bali has a reputation as a unique surfing region. Because here are many very interesting spots, for beginners as well as for...

Wellenreiten in Marokko

Surfing and surf camps in Morocco

Dreamlike waves, camels on the beach, best surf spots and nice surf camps in Morocco The National Geographic magazine named the coastal town of Taghazout in southern Morocco one of the 20 best surfing sites in the world. For this reason, it is no wonder that there are also surf camps in Morocco like sand on the beach. In addition to the popular surf spots in France, Portugal, or Indonesia,...

surf season calendar

Surf Season - When is the best time to surf?

Quite often you can read the question of when is actually surf season and the best time to surf in a specific country. So e.g. when is the surf season in Bali, Sri Lanka or in Costa Rica? // Scroll to the surf season table When is the surf season in a specific country? Of course, this question is not always answered flat rate, since good waves depend on a few factors that are also quite...

Beginner surf course

Where learn to surf as a beginner?

You want to learn surfing and finally slide on a board through the waves? But where can you, as an absolute beginner, learn surfing the best and make a beginner surf course? Surfing is not just the sport itself, but also a spirit and a great feeling of being one with the sea and the waves. Even only to surf little green waves sidewards, it takes a lot of practice and practical experience...

surf survival training

Surf Survival Training

Here you get some infos about the surf survival training for surfers. Especially in big waves, surfing can be very dangerous and that is why all big wave surfers regularly train the survival of a wipe-out in a giant wave. And anyone who ever had a wipe-out in a larger wave knows why. Firstly, the force and power of the water masses of large waves should never be underestimated, but also not...

John John Florence

John John Florence Life as a Pro Surfer

At least since 2016, probably everyone who is only halfway interested in surfing knows John John Florence. In 2016, John John Florence won the WSL Championship for the first time and relaunched a year later, winning his second World Champion title in 2017. But he is not only the new Kelly Slater of the new surfer generation, but also a chilly sympathetic guy and also for this his fans around...

Surf Rules

The Rules for Surfing

As in any sport, there are also rules for surfing! These rules must be strictly adhered to, so that one does not unnecessarily endanger oneself and other surfers or makes enemies in the line-up by a wrong behavior in surfing. The most important rules for surfing The right of way rules Of course, the most important thing is the right of way to avoid risking dangerous accidents and not to...

Lost Track - beautiful New Zealand surf movie

Very nice surf film about 2 dudes who go on a surf road trip on their motorbikes through New Zealand and of course surf some nice waves. Well made surf film with great pictures and impressions. Presented by needessentials. (Length: 1h)    

Surfing in Sri Lanka

Surfing in Sri Lanka - an absolute dream!

Some time ago, there were no surf camps in Sri Lanka and surfing in this country was only for stubborn surfers. Because in the past there were many good reasons to avoid the country, such as a civil war, a tsunami and a very poor infrastructure. But this is no longer relevant today, so today you can safely visit one of the various surf camps in Sri Lanka. // Here you will find Sri Lankas best...

Winner Volcom Pipe Pro 2018

Joshua Moniz wins the Volcom Pipe Pro 2018

Those who win the title of the Volcom Pipe Pro Masters are among the absolute elite of the world's pro-surfers. Because this contest has it all and takes place annually at the notorious Northshore of Oahu (Hawai). The Spot Pipeline produces an extremely fast, steep and powerful wave in good conditions, forming the perfect barrels and should be surfed only by experienced surfers. For this...

Nazare Bigwave Jan 2018

Big Wave Surfing in Nazare 2018

Also this year, punctually at the beginning of 2018, all eyes are on the small fishing village of Nazare in Portugal. The sea at Nazare pumps again properly and it roll in some violent giant waves. The Stars of the big wave scene are of course also at the start to surf some of the giant waves. Make yourself a picture of the Winterswell in Nazare 2018 and the incredible power of nature....

Big Wave Spots

Best big wave surfing clips

Big wave surfing is on everyone's lips, because it is extremely dangerous, daring and exciting to watch. Big wave surfing has become more and more popular in the last 10 years, so the Big Wave Pro Surfers fight each year for the world record of the highest surfed wave. Here we have a couple of great big wave surfing videos of the world's most famous big wave spots for you, such as Jaws,...

Surf Forecast Apps

The best forecast apps for surfers

Since there are not only magicseaweed, but also many other good and useful surf forecasting apps, today we want to introduce you to the best wave prediction apps and give you our opinion on pros and cons to the different forecasting apps. The best surf forecast apps The following surf forecast apps are great for forecasting waves for surfing. Of course, such weather, wind and wave forecasts...

best suitable surfcamps

How to find the suitable surf camp?

As surfing has gained more and more popularity in recent years, there are now surf camps and surf houses like sand by the sea. That does not make finding the right surf camp or surfhouse easy. So, how to find the right surf camp for you? Since we as surfers know exactly what to look for in the search for the most suitable surf camp, we have developed a great and helpful online tool for you...

The best Air Tricks of the Pros

Stunning air tricks and impressive barrels are the absolute highscore tricks in surfing. Well executed airs with different variations score not only really well in the competitions, but are also nice to look at. Superman, Sushi Roll, 360 Backside Reverse, Alley-Oop and Rodeo Flip, these are some of the hardest air tricks of the pros in surfing. As already shown by pro surfers like Jordy Smith...

Gabriel Medinas drop ins

Is Medina the drop-in-guy of the WSL?

This question comes up slowly, because the bad drop-ins of world class surfer Gabriel Medina are getting more frequently. Is this his new competition tactic? But does he really need to earn points through unfair drop-ins instead of showing his own skills? In the first video, Gabriel Medina droped in against Caio Ibelli at the Billabong Pipemasters 2019. Again a very unfair move from The Surf...

Full Surf Movie Endless Summer II

Full Surf-Movie "The Endless Summer II"

Here you can watch the second part of the absolute cult surf movie "The Endless Summer", in which two friends from California go on a surf trip around the world together. This is the original full length movie.  

Full Movie "Discovering Mavericks"

Here we have a nice surf docu film in full movie length for you. A very interesting surf documentary about the famous and notorious Bigwave spot Mavericks.  

waxing a surfboard

How to wax a surfboard properly?

The wax on your surfboard is one of the most important things in surfing because it gives you and your feet a firm grip when standing on the board. So it's especially important that you properly grow your board before you hit the water. Different Types of Surf-Wax There are also different types of wax and these in turn for different water temperatures. One distinguishes the wax once...

online surf course

Online surf course (with 13 video lessons)

Here we have an absolute special for you, a free online surf course for beginners and intermediates with 13 video surf lessons! We've put together a complete surf course that covers all the topics of a proper beginner and intermediate surf course in several video lessons. With this awesome tool you can familiarize yourself with the most important things as a beginning wave rider and learn the...