Surfing in Sri Lanka - an absolute dream!

Surfing in Sri Lanka

Some time ago, there were no surf camps in Sri Lanka and surfing in this country was only for stubborn surfers. Because in the past there were many good reasons to avoid the country, such as a civil war, a tsunami and a very poor infrastructure. But this is no longer relevant today, so today you can safely visit one of the various surf camps in Sri Lanka.

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Whats the special about surfing in Sri Lanka?

If you like discovering new countries while surfing, you should definitely visit one of the different surf camps in Sri Lanka.

Even if the journey takes a little longer than, for example, to Portugal, it's worth it. Learning to surf in Sri Lanka also means that a unique landscape awaits you.

Even though the country is not necessarily known for it, there are many very interesting and good spots that you should definitely visit. Find out more about the different surf spots in Sri Lanka later in the article.

If you want to learn to surf in Sri Lanka, you can look forward to a mix of an adventure holiday with exotic animals and a unique nature and many interesting surf spots.

elefants in front of surf camps in Sri Lanka

Why choose surf camps in Sri Lanka?

First of all, Sri Lanka has good conditions to surf all year round. However, you should get better in the cold season on the west coast. Another advantage of surf camps in Sri Lanka is that you get a complete package in most surf camps.

This includes accommodation, meals, lessons and the right equipment. In addition, you can during the rainy and dry seasons surfing in Sri Lanka. Also, the exotic culture, the courteous people and the delicious food must be mentioned positively.

When is the best travel time for surfing in Sri Lanka?

If you want to visit a surf camp in Sri Lanka, you can do it all year round. Because as already mentioned, the weather and the water are poor enough and it always waves. However, before surfing in Sri Lanka, you should inquire about the best wave conditions for each season.

Among other things, you have to pay attention to the monsoon season. Because nature does what it wants, so you may need to visit different spots until you find the perfect beach section for surfing in Sri Lanka.

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What makes the surf camps in Sri Lanka so special?

There are many surf camps in Sri Lanka. Pay attention to the reviews of other tourists in the election. Important criteria are the cleanliness of the accommodation, the quality of the food, the location, the experience of the teachers and the existing equipment. If you pay attention to these points, there is nothing standing in the way of learning to surf in Sri Lanka.

There are many different and good surf camps in Sri Lanka to choose from.

Many surf camps in Sri Lanka are made up of different types of accommodation. These are often located in a large area in the middle of the jungle. If you look through the palm trees, you can already see the Indian Ocean. In many surf camps in Sri Lanka, you can also have breakfast and think about where you want to surf.

There are also budget accommodation, as well as couples and families. In addition, many other surf camps in Sri Lanka place a lot of emphasis on healthy and, above all, fresh food. Between sessions, you can relax by the pool or participate in a yoga class.

fresh catched fish and ocean view

You can learn to surf in different regions in Sri Lanka. Some units are just a few meters away from the sea. Sometimes all rooms are in a big house. In many surf camps in Sri Lanka, there are also several quadruple rooms in which you can sleep together with your friends or your family.

Among other things, you will find a chill corner, a pool and a large dining area in various surf camps in Sri Lanka.

The most popular surf spots for surfing learn in Sri Lanka

As already mentioned, there are many regions that are suitable for surfing in Sri Lanka. Roughly, the country can be divided into two surfing areas: the east and the west. In both regions there are surf camps in Sri Lanka, which are suitable for beginners as well as for already experienced surfers.

Surfing in Sri Lanka: the west coast

The west coast stood for a long time in the shadow of the well-known Arugam Bay. At the present time, however, she is very often visited for surfing in Sri Lanka. Incidentally, here you can also work off the beach in different ways.

waves and beach in Sri Lanka

On the west coast you can also find very good surfing waves in Sri Lanka. The following spots are particularly suitable for surfing:

  • Main Reef
  • Bennys
  • North Jetty
  • Beach Break
  • Rivermouth
  • Galle und Kagala
  • Weligama
  • Matara

Surfing in Sri Lanka: the east coast

Also on the east coast there are many surf camps in Sri Lanka. Here you will find the legendary wave at Arugam Bay. Because it is easy to tame, long and just fun.

waterfall in Sri Lanka

You should definitely take a look at the following surf spots on the east coast:

  • Arugam Main Break
  • Baby Point und
  • Whiskey Point

Travel and Airports in Sri Lanka

To reach the different surf camps in Sri Lanka, you can fly to one of the following airports:

  • Bandaranaike International Colombo Airport (CMB)
  • Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (HRI)
  • Batticaloa Airport (BTC)
  • Koggala Airport (KCT)

The fares to the surfcamps in Sri Lanka can be very different. In winter, the tickets are strangely a bit more expensive than in summer, spring or autumn. But pay about 800 euros per flight to Sri Lanka.

Air and water temperature in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the sun shines most of the year. Of course there are days when it is cloudy or rainy, but thanks to the high average water temperature you can always surf in boardshorts without any problems. This is of course an absolute plus for Sri Lanka.

Climate table for Sri Lanka

  January February March April May June July August September October November December
Max. Temperature °C 31.9 32.6 32.5 32.2 31.5 30.5 30.1 30.4 30.6 30.3 30.6 31.1
ø Temperature °C 27.2 27.7 27.7 28.2 28.8 28.3 27.9 28.1 27.9 27.4 27.1 27
Min. Temperature °C 22.4 22.8 23.9 24.8 26 26 25.7 25.8 25.2 24.4 23.6 22.9
Raining days 7 4 8 14 16 14 11 9 13 19 16 10
Precipitation (mm) 34 52 69 174 195 102 75 68 113 303 248 76
Hours of sunshine (h/d) 6 5 5 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3
Humidity (%) 78 79 79 81 83 83 82 82 82 80 80


Average water temperature in Sri Lanka in Celsius:

  • January: 27 °
  • February: 27 °
  • March: 28 °
  • April: 29 °
  • May: 29 °
  • June: 29 °
  • July: 28 °
  • August: 28 °
  • September: 27 °
  • October: 27 °
  • November: 27 °
  • December: 27 °

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