Online surf course (with 13 video lessons)

online surf course

Here we have an absolute special for you, a free online surf course for beginners and intermediates with 13 video surf lessons!

We've put together a complete surf course that covers all the topics of a proper beginner and intermediate surf course in several video lessons. With this awesome tool you can familiarize yourself with the most important things as a beginning wave rider and learn the theory of a proper surf course.

Of course, this does not replace a proper surf course by giving you the necessary hands-on experience, but it is a good preparation for learning how to surf or for intermediate surfers to refresh your theory skills.

With friendly support by BIC Surfboards, which are very suitable surfboards for Beginners, because of their stability, high volume and of course also the robustness.

Have fun with it!

Start your online surf course here with the first lesson:

Lesson 1 - Warming Up

In this video you will learn how to get really warm before a surf session and prepare your body and muscles properly.

Lesson 2 - Spot Check

In this video you will learn everything about the right spot check. If you want to surf at a new surf spot, it is extremely important first of all to get to know the conditions and peculiarities of this surf spot and to analyze it exactly. This video shows you what is important and what you should pay attention to.

Lesson 3 - Whitewater Practice & Basics

In this video you will learn the basics of surfing. Whitewater practices and helpful tips for getting started in surfing.

Lesson 4 - The Take Off

Here you will learn everything about the right take-off. The Take Off is one of the most important basics to learn in surfing and to go one step further. If the Take Off is not sitting properly, you get e.g. too late in a safe state and then can not properly spud the wave in most cases. So a fast and above all safe take off is half the battle on the way to the next level.

Lesson 5 - Paddling Technique

In the following video you will learn the right paddle technique. Paddling is extremely important for Surfing in two ways. First, to paddle out into the linup quickly, and secondly, to paddle properly through the waves.

Lesson 6 - Getting out into the Lineup

This video shows you how to paddle out in the Linup and what techniques you can use.

Lesson 7 - Take Off in the green Wave

In this video you will learn how to paddle a green wave and master the take off.

Lesson 8 - Trim & Turn

In the following video you will learn all about the correct weight shifting on the board and how to do the turns properly.

Lesson 9 - The Top Turn

In this video you will learn how to do a top turn correctly. A top turn is the turning in the upper part of the waves shoulder.

Lesson 10 - The Bottom Turn

In this video lesson, you will learn how to do a bottom turn properly. The bottom turn is another very important basic maneuver in surfing.

Lesson 11 - The Cut Back

How to make a cutback you will learn in the following video lesson. A "cut back" is a rather wider turn around e.g. to get back into the power-area of the green wave.

Lesson 12 - Duck Dive

In this lesson, you will learn how to do a Duck Dive properly. The Duck Dive works well only with shortboards and low volume boards. Its purpose is to get out quickly and easily through the waves.

Lesson 13 - The Floater

For the sake of completeness, we will also show you another basic maneuver with the next video, the "Floater". This maneuver is suitable e.g. for completing a ride in spite of already completely breaking wave, or to "float" over a smaller broken wave section.

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