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With our interactive surfcamp search you will find the best surf camps and surf houses worldwide and you can easily find the suitable surfcamp or accommodation for your next surf holiday. Whether you are looking for a surf camp or surf lodge in France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, or on the Canary Islands, Bali, Sumatra, Lombok, Sri Lanka.

The best surf camps and surf houses worldwide

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The ultimate surf camp search

In these countries you will find great surf camps and surf houses for your next surf holiday

In fact, you can surf in nearly every country in the world that has a coastline by the sea or ocean. But not everywhere there is a large selection of surf camps and surf houses. The most and best surf camps and surf houses in Europe can be found e.g. in France, Spain, Portugal, and the Canary Islands.

If your next surf holiday is to go abroad to a more remote country, you will find many good surf camps and surfhouses in countries like Morocco, South Africa, Senegal, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and on the popular surf islands like Bali, Lombok, Sumatra, Sri Lanka, Bahamas and Mauritius.

Surf camps in France

The land of Baguette and Camenbert has long been one of the most popular surfing countries in Europe and there are plenty of good surf camps in France.

France is not only a very popular holiday destination among Germans and holidaymakers from all over the world, in France there are also the roots of surfing in Europe. Surfing is even considered a national sport in France and it can be taken as an additional sports elective at school.

Thanks to the many great surfing and quality beach breaks France is both for beginners to learn surfing, as well as for experienced surfers. Moreover, in France, even in the summer months, fairly usable waves are often found.

Surf camps in Spain

Spain is also very well suited for surfing in the north and south of the country at different times and produces excellent waves. Again, there are many great surf camps in Spain for every surf level. Also in northern Spain surfing has started very early and there are some world class surfing spots to discover.

In addition, Spain distinguishes the great hearty food with tapas, pinchos and Co., as well as lots of sun, great scenery and nature and friendly people. So there are not only good waves to discover in Spain. For example, Northern Spain with its sprawling national parks and the Picos de l'Europa is always worth a visit.

Surf camps in Portugal

The friendly country of Portugal, with France and Spain is now absolutely Mecca of surfing in Europe and you'll find here the largest number of first-class surf camps in Europe.

Especially around the world-class surf spots around Peniche and Ericeira, many good surf camps have settled in Portugal. But also further south in the Western Algarve around Arrifana and Vila do Bispo, as well as in the southern Algarve near Sagres and Lagos you will find some great surf camps.

But Portugal can not only produce waves of the top class if the conditions are right, it is an incredibly relaxed and beautiful country with great people and delicious food. Here humanity and togetherness are still very important. That's why the Portuguese are generally very lovable and hospitable people.

Surf camps in Morocco

In the last 10 years, the North African country Morocco has become a very popular destination for surfers and there are many good surf camps in Morocco to choose from. The country is very special because of its oriental manner, people and architecture. People live very easy, do not have much, but are happy. This fits very well with the spirit of a surfer.

The entire coast of Morocco is located on the Atlantic Ocean and usually gets relatively swell in the spring, autumn and winter months, thus providing very good wave conditions for intermediates and pro surfers during this time. Morocco's best and most famous surf spots are at Taghazout, Tamri, Imsouane and Sidi Ifni in the south.

The Moroccan cuisine is unbelievably delicious, good and healthy and something different. Anyone who is open to new ideas and does not let themselves be deterred by a completely different culture and way of life will love Morocco.

Surf camps on the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands belong to Spain and are also a very popular destination for surfers and thus have settled on the Canary Islands and many good surf camps. The most suitable for surfing due to their location and coastal orientation are the Canary Islands Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

The island of Fuerteventura is not in vain referred to as Hawai of Europe and brings just in late autumn and winter very good waves on different beach and Reefbreaks. In addition, the climate in the Canary Islands is very pleasantly mild and you usually have between 15 and 23 degrees in winter. Also, the food in the Canary Islands is very tasty, because there are many great fish dishes and their own Canarian Tappas specialties.

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You are already an advanced surfers and are looking for new challenges and perhaps an advanced surf course in a great country with first-class wave conditions? Then just filter for "For Advanced and Pro Surfer" and your desired country and find great surf camps and Surfhouses Indonesia, South Africa, Senegal, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Brazil, or Sri Lanka.

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Surf camps for families

You already have a small family and do not want to miss your beloved surfing while on holiday. Do not worry, you do not have to, because there are wonderful and beautiful surf camps and surf houses that are also suitable for families with children. Simply set the filter in the search for "Suitable for families" and you will get the appropriate results with Family Surf Camps.