How to find the suitable surf camp?

best suitable surfcamps

As surfing has gained more and more popularity in recent years, there are now surf camps and surf houses like sand by the sea. That does not make finding the right surf camp or surfhouse easy.

So, how to find the right surf camp for you?

Since we as surfers know exactly what to look for in the search for the most suitable surf camp, we have developed a great and helpful online tool for you with which you can easily find the right surf camp for exactly your needs and desires.

No matter if you are looking for a Surfcamp or Surfhouse in France, Spain, Portugal, on the Canary Islands, in Morocco. Or should it go further afield, such as to Bali in Indonesia, or to Sri Lanka, or to a Central and South American country such as Indonesia? to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Brazil. With our tool you can find the suitable surf camp or surfhouse provider for your next surf vacation.

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The Surftrip-Planner by

With our surttrip-planner tool you can see all surfcamps and surfhouses on a map and call up the detailed descriptions of the providers directly from this map.

You can also filter directly for the type of surf accommodation (eg surfcamp) you are looking for and specify your desired country which should be your destination for your next surf vacation.

In order to be able to further customize your search to your needs and desires, there are additional filters that you can set. So you can, for example also after the surfing season in which you want to make your surf trip. You will then only see results and providers in regions / countries where surf season is at this time.

Furthermore, you can still filter according to your surf level, e.g. "suitable for beginners" or "for advanced and pro surfers", or even "suitable for families" if you want to travel with your family in the surf vacation.

If YOGA courses, or free Wi-Fi is important for you, then also put these filters on for finding a suitable Surfcamp or Surfhouse for you.

Thus, you get filtered results which fits exactly to your needs.

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Compare and book a surf camp

Now you can compare the providers corresponding to your search with each other, look at the detailed descriptions, prices and special offers and also consider the ratings of other surfers for this surf camp.

If you have decided on the right camp or a surfhouse, you can book it directly from the provider. For this you will find on the right side of the respective provider detail page below the map address three buttons on which you can now book your entire surf trip from accommodation and the cheapest flight, to your own rental car on site.

And done! Your next surf vacation is now nothing in the way and you can look forward to a great time with lots of surfing and meeting nice people from all over the world.

Have fun with the searching and booking!

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